In his latest affront to orthodox supernatural predeliction, the brilliant but tragically obscure author who exposed the savage, sadistic, and imaginary God of Abraham in his guided tour of the Old Testament, Fire and Smoke, now brings his deviant insights and aberrant sense of humor to bear on the other two pillars of Abrahamic religion which everyone has opinions about but nobody actually reads.

Pie in the Sky begins with a cheerful examination of the New Testament of the Holy Bible, a chronicle of the manipulation of a first-century Jewish sage into an invincible, supernatural action hero by a successon of zealous scribes.

This is followed by a virtual expedition though the Koran, an account of the similar transformation of an Arabian poet and mystic by agents who reshape his legacy and possibly his ethos as well to their own mercenary ends.

Jesus the Nazarene and Muhammad ibn Abdullah are the stars of their respective narratives, but the real story is the distortion of their messages by generations of would-be faithful who use their principles to serve other, often antithetical agendas.

The most pervasive and insidious of these perversions is the glorious, transcendental hallucination of one Saul of Tarsus, the complex, troubled Roman Jew who has convinced two millenia of Christians and Muslims that the human body and all of earthly existence are evil instruments of Satan that must be denied and subdued in order to gain access to an invisible kingdom known only to him. Because he promised eternal happiness, half the human race today believes there is a better world than this one, waiting in the clouds.

Read it today and watch them all build castles in the sky.


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