This extraordinary collection contains six provocative journeys through the subtle but unique imagination of Dan Manthos, each with its own very different cast of characters.

You will meet a drinker of human blood, bound by chains, deep within the bowels of a modern institution. Others draft his fate, but he has his own plan.

You will meet a simple man who must suddenly decide if an agreement with an ancient, supernatural spirit must be a devil's bargain, and live forever with the consequences of his decision.

You will meet a delightful visitor from another world who pays an unexpected call on the writer himself, just to say hello from the far reaches of another galaxy. His charming mechanical companion will return to take Mr Manthos on a brief jaunt to a parallel universe.

You will meet a scientist who asks if a time machine must also be a spaceship. The answer to this question leads to a stunning twist on the classic theme of time travel at the exciting conclusion of this story of genius and greed.

And finally, you will meet the Avatar, a mysterious, giant of extraterrestrial origin, mute and ruthless, an alien executioner with a unspoken agenda whose judgement is swift and terrible. What is his purpose and where will it end?


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