the bipartite conjecture


the material universe is an expression of two fundamental principles




these principles exhibit dynamic bipartite symmetry

dynamic bipartite symmetry is not homogeneous

the context of the dis-organizing principle expression is general

the context of the organizing principle expression is local

the local manifestation of the organizing principle follows a sequence

energy furnace/elementary material organization
geophysical organization
organic particle organization
organic unit/system organization
organic cognitive organization
organic reflective cognitive organization
organic meta-cognitive organization

trans-local organic cognitive locus

self-aware universe




analysis form


the material universe manifests as a function of the symmetric interaction of two polar influences

one influence acts to dis-organize or dis-integrate matter in a closed system and is a well-defined physical property known as entropy

one influence acts to organize or integrate matter in an open system and is a speculative physical property occasionally known as syntropy

these influences are not discrete but balanced aspects of one dynamic bipartite morphology whose symmetry is not homogeneous

the dis-organizing principle expresses more fully on a larger temporal and spatial scale

the organizing principle expresses more fully on a smaller temporal and spatial scale

focused manifestation of the organizing principle begins with local integration of matter and follows a sequence as each level of organization provides a foundation for the emergence of the next

the cycle of star formation and destruction drives the continuous synthesis of heavy elements and assembly of planets and systems composed of them

some planets support a solar energy driven open system with net energy income which motivates the spontaneous self-organization of simple organic chemicals and their subsequent incorporation into continuously more numerous complex diverse and harmoniously integrated living structures and systems

the constituents of this system/unit/event exist and interact at many levels of synergistic order and the individual organizational unit at each level is characterized by an identity and activity unique and not predictable by the identity and activity of its elements

atoms that comprise molecules retain unique individual identities and activities while the molecular identity and activity is of a different character and order

this scheme continues at each level of order as simpler structures retain individual identities and activities which in ensemble express novel and unique characteristics at the next ordered level

in this manner molecules comprise cell structures comprise cells comprise tissues comprise organs comprise organisms comprise ecosystems comprise planetary organisms

this vast and intricate living aggregate requires the harmonious integration of many orders of magnitude of organic structures operating on a scale and degree of dynamic organization requiring billions of years to assemble

the details of these interactions are not pre-determined yet the net results are balanced and harmonious and exhibit both interdependence and abundance

this order is not imposed from without but arises out of the virtually infinite interactions of system elements motivated by the universal organizing principle

there is no reason to suppose there is not another order of identity and activity and complexity beyond this




analysis function


these dynamic interrelated forms evolve as symmetric symbiotic elements of a vast manipartite organic edifice that manifests a cosmic intentionality towards material form and consciousness and ultimately unbounded self-consciousness

simple organisms develop sensory feedback mechanisms for providing data regarding their immediate contact environment that grow more comprehensive and complex as the organism evolves

in this manner the universe is aware of itself

cognitive systems and structures integrate increasing volumes and fields of data as sensory apparatus increase in scope and sensitivity and memory and reasoning structures feed cognitive maps that expand to reach macrocosmic/subatomic proportion

out of this consciousness emerges reflective capacity as the organ of cognition recognizes its role in consciousness as the origin of its frame of reference

in this manner the universe is aware it is aware of itself

the balanced evolution of reflective self-consciousness is characterized by decentration as the locus of reflective cognition identifies an expanding frame of reference and embeds progressively deeper in the context of perception as the limits of the perception expand without bound




local detail


a billions years cosmic progression of continuous cumulative self-organization events has lead to the local emergence of a symmetric unit/system that is the planetary biological organism of the earth

the planetary organism supports the evolution of the human species organ/unit/partition containing layers of social organization made up of individually and collectively discrete self-contained human/entities as embedded and integrated unit/elements

the human organ/partition and its individual human/elements are the locally evolved instrument of reflective self-awareness and the organizing principle driven mechanism for the universe to perceive and experience the nature and extent of its own material form and dynamics

individual human self-awareness evolves to embrace an increasingly more comprehensive frame of reference and its locus of identification expands from self to arbitrarily larger not-self as it becomes aware of the nature and proportion of the cosmic event in which it participates

the sequence of reflective cognitive locus identification

species-specific global




detail summary


within the deepest substrate of the cosmic architecture exists an animus for the perception and comprehension and appreciation of its own existence

the purpose of organic life is ultimately to manifest a capacity for the reflective self-awareness that serves this drive/yearning

humans manifest cosmic sensory and approbatory capacity

the nature and purpose of human existence is to perceive and apprehend the universe




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