The Old Testament of the Holy Bible is a 650,000 word odyssey of savage violence and naked greed, written in a style calculated to suffocate the keenest intelligence. That's why nobody reads it, and I'm here to change that. I'm offering a guided tour from a safe distance, accompanied by cheerful and occasionally impertinent commentary from someone who doesn't believe in magic. If you've ever wanted to know what's really going on in there, now's your chance to find out without having to plow through the whole thing all by yourself.

What you'll discover is that the God of Abraham is the greatest shakedown in human history, perpetrated by a predatory handful of iron-age frauds to frighten illiterate sheepherders into voluntarily providing an elite priesthood with an endless supply of plunder. And if you think the scriptural source of all the sickening violence we see in the Middle East today is Muhammad and the Qur'an, think again. It all emerges from the twisted minds of a tiny sect of Levite priests who use the tribal war god they have invented to demand a continuous parade of tribute and the cold-blooded extinction of anyone who stands in their way. Yahweh is where it all begins. Read Fire and Smoke and let God tell you Himself, it's an experience you'll never forget.

So buy it today, the ebook's what, five bucks? That's the price of one trip to Starbucks and how many of those do you remember? Seriously, how can you lose? C'mon, you've got your hand on the mouse, let's go, we haven't got all day.



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